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Founded in 2005, STRATEGIC is a group of companies with a diverse range of activities. Initially started as a Marketing & Advertising Agency, it grown up extending into B2C and B2B services.

Momentary, the most prodigious and fast-growing division is its ERP type, its one core software solution for enterprise environment management, also used as a brand SERP.

Our success is due to a strong team and highly skilled members with based on a personal approach to most of our KA customers.


Outsourcing / Overseas / Investment

Company details


Privately held


Under 200 employees

Operational areas:

Moldova, Romania,

Belarus, Ukraine

Practice Areas
  • Marketing

  • BTL programs,

  • Outsourcing,

  • Enterprise Process Auditing and advising,

  • ERP integration,

  • CRM integration,

  • Accounting & IFRS software solutions and management,

  • Enterprise environment management software solutions development,

  • Software development,

  • Educational management software solutions,

  • Retail Distribution software solutions,

  • Warehouse management solutions,

  • Logistics Management software solutions,

  • HR management software solutions,

  • HR Qualification Testing software solutions,

  • BPM software solutions, Big Data collection & management software solutions,

  • After Sales Service software solutions,

  • Field Shelve & Display inventory management,

  • POSM management software solutions,

  • Enterprise Back-End software solutions,

  • Digital paper-work software solutions.

  • After-sales B2C and B2B Services

  • Safety stock planning

  • Logistics & Warehouse manage

  • Delivery  & Customs clearance

  • Services Network creation from scratch

  • ASC Network Optimization

  • ASC KPIs Improvement

  • Outsourcing

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